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Welcome to Mike Douglas Trading – We are one of the UK’s elite financial education companies.

Mike Douglas Trading is named after our renowned trading educator who has been in the financial sector for 20 years. Mike is respected by the thousands he has taught over the years and is well versed in trading currencies and commodities.

MD Trading is about educating people to become independent and sophisticated traders. Our mission is to create independent profitable forex traders.

Mike Douglas holds nothing back in his training and practices what he preaches,work with Mike and his highly-experienced team to learn your way to trading success.

natasha biog


Natasha Etienne is the other half of MD Trading.

Bringing to the team business savvy; Building the business brand, Business Development and Marketing.

Natasha originally comes from the Not-For-Profit Sector raising millions over a decade for great causes.

Natasha is also a member of the London Institute of Banking & Finance carrying a Level 4 Diploma in Financial Advice.

Natasha is currently learning to trade forex under the mentorship of Mike Douglas (who else?!)

Matt Port


Meet Mike’s prodigy Matt Jones who has followed Mike’s trading education journey for over 2 years and he is now one of our well-respected MD trading educators.

Matt Jones only a few years ago, use to be a hard-working blue collar worker but wanted a different life. Tired of not making money he was happy with or doing a job that he could make a difference in. Now Matt Jones does both, let Matt teach you the fundamentals of trading and change your life!

MD Trading UK Ltd courses and subsequent updates should in no way be interpreted as trading advice and is distributed to students to show how the methodology taught in these courses are implemented. Any decision to place trades is at the sole discretion of the student and it should be clearly understood that in any decision to trade there is a risk of loss. Neither MD Trading UK Ltd nor associates shall be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including without limitation losses, lost revenues, or lost profits that may result from these materials. Opinions and estimates constitute our judgment and are subject to change without notice. Past performance is not indicative of future results. © Mike Douglas Trading Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. Registered no. 10512483. MD Trading is a trading name of Mike Douglas Trading Ltd

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